Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marty's Place review

Anthony Semler

YouTube Summer 2009

Restaurant review


              Ahh, summer. This time of year never gets old. Morgantown in the summer is pleasant because the students are out of town, traffic is usually manageable, and the Cheat Lake is enjoyable while on a boat viewing the spectacular scenery, mountains and bikini-clad girls alike.

              Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Marty’s Place with three close friends. Marty’s Place is located off of the Cheat Lake exit near Ices Ferry. It is located in the old Dimitri’s location, which sits next to Interstate 68 and along the back of the 18th fairway of the Lakeview golf course. Marty Biafore, the owner, has 25 years of industry experience. We came too late to enjoy the vast deck and outdoor bar, but the manager allowed us to check it out anyway. New construction to the old deck included a 25-foot extension, a new terrace, and also a pond, all of which was done by Rich’s Garden Creations.

              Marty’s place has yet to begin advertising, partly because the dining room is not open, and partly because the menu has yet to be finalized. The bartender, Katy, was pleasant enough, but for some reason I was expecting a more attractive person because of how upscale the establishment is. I know that this may seem rude to most, but it is a personal observation.

              Around me sat a handful of people sipping on martinis and other cordials. A few dinner plates were being cleared as we ordered drinks.  The bar was fully stocked to compliment the menu. Between my friends and I, we ordered shrimp cocktail, boar sausage and dill sauce, a few house salads with a Hennessey vinagariette, two pounds of king crab legs, and a 14 oz. Wagyu steak.

              The shrimp were definitely jumbo sized, but there were only four, and for some reason I was expecting five. The cooked perfectly and served with plenty of cocktail sauce, although I found that to be mainly ketchup as opposed to a tangy horseradish and garlic base. The salads were a great size for a pre-meal bite, and they included tomatoes, cucs, and olives. As for the dressing, it should be bottled up and sold! It is a bright yellow, with a medium consistency and a sweet-and-sour flavor. My friend Sara thought it complimented her perfectly steamed crab legs and chardonnay. The crablegs were meaty and juicy. Served on the side, baby sautéed carrots and draw butter with garlic flattered the entrée. As for the 14 oz. steak my friend Adam ordered, it was like tasting heaven! Wagyu is a delicate beef that should only be cooked medium rare and seasoned only with salt and pepper. His steak came with a salad and a side of sautéed carrots.

              Overall, we were all extremely satisfied with out meal. Prices were either really reasonable or over-priced ($16 for the crab leg meal – reasonable, $14 for the shrimp cocktail – unreasonable).  Marty’s has a casual fine dining atmosphere that I felt comfortable in. I’m excited to see where the Marty’s vision takes the restaurant!


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